New Blog Information

A few months ago I started a new blog just for the pups and Linus kitty. So if you enjoy reading about our cuddle bunch join us at Two Pups and a Kitty. We are also on Facebook at Two Pups and a Kitty.
This blog will mainly be for posts about the other areas of our life.
Thanks for reading!


3 comments on “New Blog Information

  1. Uschi says:

    Thanks for following Sawyer’s adventures – looking forward to reading more of your blog as well.

    • maabbott3 says:

      I have been enjoying Sawyer’s facebook page as well. He makes me smile 🙂 Thanks for reading my blogs I appreciate it more than you know. Just an FYI I will be writing the most in the Two Pups and a Kitty blog.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Now, will this be 2 blogs??? If so, count me in! Your blogs are fun as well as thought provoking — your stories and everyday happenings are refreshing to read. Thanks, again. Carolyn

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