Just Show Up.

Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed by life. Even when there are lots of blessings and answers to prayer. Even when things are going well.

Things have been incredibly busy in our family these past few weeks. We have had lots of family time which is awesome. I love to soak in the essence of babies, toddlers, preschoolers and grown up 5 year olds. And I enjoy spending time with the adults in our life.

In addition to our family time and our normal work schedules which have also been hectic, we have been getting ready for an outreach event our church is participating in on the 4th of July. Greg has been building a display box for the pamphlets that the workers will hand out along with ice cold bottles of water. I am part of a committee that is making staff t-shirts. We needed to find 17 t-shirts all the same color but various sizes. (I recommend the Hanes online store.) Another part of the task was to print out the transfers that another committee member created and lastly help iron the transfers onto the bright lime green shirts.

Being slightly introverted this outreach is way out of my comfort zone and I realized today that’s just where God wants me. I have no idea how things are going to go. I don’t know what my task is going be. I just have to show up, be willing, keep my eyes on Him and God will do the rest.

So if you are in Leland Illinois on the 4th of July stop by the St. Petrie tent for a chat and a cold bottle of water. You can’t miss us we’ll be the ones in the lime green shirts 🙂 See you there!