God’s Got It Covered.

I have been participating in an online bible study called “What Happens When Women Say Yes To God” by Lysa TerKeurst. This week’s lesson posed the question, what little thing is God asking you to do?

It’s funny how God works and how He uses people and situations to help us to grow. I like my comfort zone, I really, really like it, think snuggly kitten comfortable. My “what little thing is God asking me to do” is very simple commit to giving a family of kids a ride to church when their mom can’t. We belong to a little country church, and this family just moved from across the field to 10 miles away from the church. So even though this should have been a no brainer, an absolutely yes moment it wasn’t. It required a lot of prayer, and are you sure God? moments. What’s more when I wanted to put qualifiers on this to make it “easier” I heard that still small voice saying “No qualifiers, I’ve got the details covered I just need you to say yes.”
Of course I played the “God please let me know if this is from you or one of my ideas I need to be sure game”. The first clue I had that this wasn’t my idea was that instead of taking this and running with it I felt like our Golden Retriever pup Bonnie who often needs to be convinced that yes, she wants to go to bed or yes, she wants to go outside when it’s not her idea. When I realized I was pulling a “Bonnie” I came a bit closer to saying yes. Then the next day one of my devotions that’s not a part of this bible study talked about obedience to what God wants us to do and that it’s not convenient. That it can be messy and uncomfortable. I knew at that moment that this was something God wants me to do and said “Ok God, I’ll do it.
I have no idea how it’s all going to work out, but the beauty of it is, I don’t need to know. God’s got it covered and I just need to be open and willing to go where He leads.