It’s the little things in life…

There was a book I used to read to my kids by Judith Voirst called Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. We would pull it out and read it on those really bad days,   That title seems to be appropriate for the kind of week I have had.    This evening I realized I was starting to feel a sense of peace that had been missing most of the week. I was trying to figure out what made the difference (because that’s what I do) and realized it wasn’t one big thing but a bunch of little happenings that God opened my eyes to because  He knew it would break through the cloak of crabbiness I had wrapped myself in. 

Noticing that gas unexpectedly went down 10 cents since the beginning of the day, then  realizing hey, I did make the right choice to wait and get gas on the way home.

Finding a message on the phone from a friend that said “just called to catch up” then the added joy of returning the call and having a wonderful chat catching up on all the news.

Having a stubborn kitty have a change of heart and want to be petted after giving a cold shoulder or in this case cold tail for the better part of a week.

The memory of a phone conversation several days previous with a 3 year old who says very matter of factly,  “Grandma, I am big and I have muscles so I need to hold the phone”  when trying to encouraging him to let his 2 year old brother have a turn holding the phone.

At the end of a long day having a  silly moment with a spouse and not caring what the people around you might think, just enjoying  a moment of unplanned shared laughter that breaks through the day to day stuff like a rainbow at the end of a storm.

Typing on the keyboard while another not so stubborn  kitty lays with her head so close to the keyboard that while striking the upper keys you catch a corner of kitty ears. All the while  listening to her purr because she is happy to just be close.

Finding favorite summer sandals buried deep beneath the bed. 

Pulling capris out of the closet and having them still fit.

Having it finally be warm enough to have to search for said sandals and capris.

I am sure if I thought about it long enough there would be many other things that I could add to this list but I think you get the idea.  I wish for you on those days when you are wearing your cloak of crabbiness that you too can find the little things that will make things seem better.