Family Time

Today’s post is going to live up to it’s blog name. Things have been crazy busy in our household and so it stands to reason that my thoughts are whirling around in my mind.

My number one thought is that yesterday Palm Sunday was the start of Holy Week. I keep going back to the realization that Jesus made a choice to die on that cross for us. John 3:16 states “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who so ever believes in him shall not perish but shall have everlasting life.” God loves us that much. He gave His Son. I gave my heart to Him a long time ago but I am still humbled and marvel anew that Jesus chose to die for us.

Last weekend we had the joy of having our daughter, one of our sons and all three grandchildren here. Due to winter not wanting to give up yet, and folks needing to get home to beat the start of a late season snow storm it was a very short trip but a fun one. If it’s one thing our family knows how to do it’s how to pack a lot of memories into a short amount of time.

Jess and Jon were in a 5k race saturday morning. Uncle Jon asked Ethan who was going to win. Ethan told Uncle Jon that he was. When Jessi teasingly reacted Ethan said to her in a very serious 5 year old voice, “Mommy listen to my words, I was just teasing Uncle Jon, you’re going to win”.

That afternoon we took the kids to go watch the play Annie, mainly because we thought the boys would get a kick out of seeing Roxy who played Sandy the dog, who by the way did a very good job. Roxy is a beautiful Golden Retriever who belongs to the family our pups stay with when we are away. Roxy has been very patient with our squirrelly girls for which we are grateful for.

All three boys did very good job with the pups. Aaron almost 4 loved the idea that he could tell the pups to sit and they would and Bonnie couldn’t sit fast enough as multiple treats were being offered to her. I think by the time Aaron went home he was getting the idea that the pups have to earn their treats. But it was funny to watch Bonnie try to keep up and try to do what she was supposed to do!

Ethan 5 upon learning that the pups licked him because they were giving him kisses said ” well dogs don’t have lips like we do so they have to lick to kiss us. He handled the active pups very well and was able to get them to sit several times.

Kaden almost 2 from his grandpa’s arms told the pups sternly “down” and they listened to him!

I enjoyed watching Ethan figure out how to hitch the toy wagon to the toy 4 wheeler for Kaden. When I told him he was just like the other Abbott fix it men he said “Am I part Abbott?” to which I replied you sure are. He smiled a satisfied smile at the thought that he was in the same group as his Grandpa Greg, Uncle Jon and Uncle Jake. Sidenote, Ethan’s daddy is a great fix it man too, so Ethan gets the “fix it” gene from both sides of the family 🙂

I wish I would have had a picture of Kaden reaching up for both Grandpa and My hand while walking up the stairs it was one of those times that turn into a precious memory.

Aaron had a good time playing with Kaden, it didn’t seem to matter what they played they just had fun together.
It was a lot of fun watching a three boys interact with each other. They don’t know it but they are building strong bonds that will last a lifetime.

In puppy news at class this past week we worked on recall. We played hide and seek, I called Bonnie while hiding and she had to come and find me. I learned that she wll come faster if I use a bright and energetic voice. Although it’s hard for me to muster that up at 7:30 in the evening we did a crediable job and she found me all three times. My favorite exercise was when Bonnie was put on a long leash with the trainer holding the end of the leash I went to the other side of the room and called her, and she ran to me, then I would clip her leash on and take the other leash off. She couldn’t run fast enough to get to me which was made me as happy as she seemed to be.

Leave it, Leave it, Leave it… the pups hear it alot especially when they are checking out the counter top, sink, bill basket, pens, magazines, or Pete cat. The tables were turned on Bonnie at class the other night when Jolly the Great Dane decided that she wanted to say hi to Bonnie, her owner told her “leave it” and I ended up laughing at the expression on Bonnie’s face as I was body blocking in an effort to help Jolly “leave it”.