Pet Moments

Early morning cuddle, Lucy, Bonnie, Linus, and Belle.

Early morning cuddle, Lucy, Bonnie, Linus, and Belle.

Linus watching the snow

Linus watching the snow

The other day the pups told me they were bored so we had a drop everything game of chase the ball. The pups have two totally different styles of play. Belle loves to chase the ball and will bring it back so it can be thrown again for her. Bonnie likes to chase the ball and keep it so she can squeak it forever or until we get tired of hearing it and then trade her another toy for it.

During the latest game of catch I threw the ball and the pups raced to get it then tussled over it a bit before I would then either take it or if Belle had it would give it to me. Towards the end of the game getting tired Bonnie decided that she would stay by me, let Belle fetch the ball and bring it back then she would take it from Belle. The last time I threw it Belle ran and got it, she then handed it off to Bonnie who then turned and dropped it in my hand. It couldn’t have gone any more smoothly if we had practiced it!

Lucy Kitty seems to be more willing to join the rest of the family. She is not hissing quite as much at the pups and will sit close although not next to Linus Kitten. She is coming up and sitting by me more like she used too which is making me very happy. It looks like my Lucy is back!

Linus is still a kooky kitten. His new game is to sit in front of the tv in order to watch and chase the images as they flash by. We so appreciate the fact that he saved us all from a drop of melting snow this morning by pouncing on it. And he has been ever watchful of the snow falling outside the living room window. We know we are safe when Linus is on duty ūüôā

Well time to end this post and go have some cuddle time with the cuddle bunch!


Puppy Notes

Before I begin this blog entry I would like to make a few corrections on the Meet and Greet blog. Roxy is the name of Lanette’s golden retriever. Diesel is a hound mix. And Sunny kitty’s name is spelled Sonny. I apologise for the errors.

We started the continuing class this week. While the adolescent class focused on teaching us, the continuing class is going to focus on working with the pups on tasks we have been teaching them.

I think this class will be easier than the last set of classes simply because we will be working with the pups and practicing for most of the class time. The adolescent class was a bit of a challenge for me because I was trying to entertain Bonnie at the same time that I was learning a new task.

There are 10 dogs in the class, of varying ages, breeds and sizes.

The first thing that the girls had to do was to sit before they were allowed to go into the classroom. That should be an easy task unless you are a 8 month old golden retriever who is meeting several new dogs for the first time. According to Greg, he had to lean down and talk to Belle before she would sit. But she soon did and was able to go to her place.

Bonnie was so excited that she kept trying to jump up on the very nice young lady who was blocking the doorway waiting for Bonnie to sit. Bonnie finally heard my voice and did a hover sit just long enough to be allowed in the classroom. What you may ask is a hover sit? When the pups are so excited and wiggly that their hindends don’t quite touch the floor in a full sit but hover a few inches off the floor Greg and I call it a hover sit.

We practiced sit, stay and up. We did the wave and the pups did a good job keeping up. We worked on settle and massaged the pups when they were in the settle (laying on their side) position. Both girls enjoyed the settle so much that they each requested to have their tummy rubbed. Along with feeling good the massage is to get them used to their body being touched so that when they have to go to the vet for an exam or be groomed or have their toenails trimmed they will be used to it.

This week’s homework is to work on a 1 minute sit and a 1 minute down. Another task we will be working on is having the pups sit by us and not jump up when someone is walking towards us to greet us. When the pup stops sitting the person stops walking. When the pup sits down the person walks towards us again. The idea is to get the dogs to stay sitting and not jump. If anyone is in the neighborhood and would like to stop by and help us with this exercise you would be most welcome!

A few puppy notes from this week. This afternoon Bonnie was in the outside puppy pen and was barking to come in. Shortly after that I heard the “I gotta go out” chime ring. When I went out to the kitchen there was Belle ringing the bell. I opened the door to let her out when to my surprise she looked at her sister as if to say “come on in” and turned and walked back into the kitchen her job complete. She was letting me know that Bonnie wanted back in the house! Greg said that they have been doing that to him too.

I couldn’t find one of my remotes this afternoon and after searching for it the next thing I knew Belle was bringing it to me,this happened not once but twice. Yep, I kept misplacing it or did I?

The pups are starting to obey the leave it command. This command works well when we want them to stop going after something. It even works when they are ganging up on Pete cat much to his relief!

Just Jump In!

As I thought about entering the world of blogging I had ideas of what future posts would consist of but the first one had me stumped. Since my blog is about random thoughts from my everyday world I finally decided  that some background information would be the best place to start.

My life is full,  I have been married to the same  guy for 31 years.  Our immediate family consists of  1 daughter, 2 sons,  1 son-in-law, 1 daughter- in- law, and 3 grandsons ages 3 years, 2 years, and at the time of this writing 12 days old. 

All of our¬†kids live at a distance from us so we are experiencing the challenge of long distance grandparenting.¬† We use Facebook, the telephone,(speakerphone is great)¬†and we are trying to figure out how to get a better connection on Skype to stay in contact between visits.¬† I love it when the phone rings and my daughter says “grandma? the boys want to talk to you.”¬† That is my cue that I am on speakerphone, of course the first thing out of their mouths is “Where is grandpa?”¬† The oldest two are definitely grandpa boys and it looks like the youngest one might be as well, he sure likes hearing the sound of his grandpa’s voice!¬†

We have 4 pets, Abby dog, Pete cat, Lucy kitty, and Josey kitty. They allow us to live with them and although they have their times of adding stress to our lives they also are great stress relievers.   Abby, Pete and Lucy are between 10-13 years old and Josey is about 6 months old.  She has certainly shaken up the others, Pete has lost quite a bit of weight due to forgetting his age and playing  tag with her.  Lucy and Abby have taken longer to warm up to her but they are getting there.

My husband and I are active members of¬†a little country church.¬†¬†Although our¬†church family is great, the most important thing¬†to us is a¬†personal relationship with the Lord.¬† Without Him nothing would be possible. We have been leading a weekly¬†bible study by John Ortberg “The Life You Have Always Wanted.”¬†¬† I recommend taking a look at it if you haven’t already.¬†¬†

I work at a university library (no I am not a librarian). I enjoy my job and do a variety of tasks, my favorite things however are working with patrons to help them find the information they are looking for and working with our student employees. 

These are the highlights and things that the random thoughts will most likely spring from.  My thoughts are just my opinion and not intended to offend anyone.  Enjoy!