Grandkids Are Fun!

Grandkids are fun. Whether it’s passing the time while mommy is in the store by counting and using various pronunciations of Mississippi (Sinimpsy was a particular hit) or stumping Grandma in I Spy. Whether it’s building a tent out of chairs and blankets with a very soon to be 4 year old (we need more chairs Grandpa!) Whether it’s playing catch or having batting practice, (including Grandpa catching two balls from two different directions at one time). Whether it’s high fiveing a grandson who remembered to throw something in the garbage or giving a thumbs up across a pool during swimming lessons. Whether it’s reading books before bedtime or having a conversation on the way to the store on the number 6…in a serious 5 year old voice…”Grandma, there are 3 of us in the truck and 3 of them back home and that makes 6!” Whether it’s running down the hill (yes, Grandma ran down the hill too) Whether it’s an early morning cuddle or hearing a almost 2 year old saying Hi! over the phone and hearing him laugh when he makes baskets as he shoots hoops. Grandkids are fun and we are blessed!


Getting To Know You

I have been privileged to have spent this past week being an extra pair of hands for my son, daughter-in-law, and new grandson.  I was asked to help out when my daughter and son-in-law had their two little boys as well and I can’t think of a better way to get to know a new grandchild. 

There is something special about a newborn, I wish one could bottle all the feelings surrounding a baby.

 The feeling there is when they hear your voice and turn to try to focus on your face with an expression that says “Oh, hi there Grandma”

 When they reach out to grab your finger with a surprising strong grasp and hold on as if to say “Hold on there, you aren’t going anywhere!” 

When they trustingly cuddle close and sleep, sleep, sleep while you breathe in their sweet essence of babyness.

The feeling of accomplishment when they are crying and you hit upon the “magic” (thank you Mr. Bear!)  that helps them to stop crying.

The joy of watching them figure out how to put their hand, wrist, fingers in their mouth, knowing it’s one of many accomplishments they will have.

It’s also a joy to watch first time parents gain confidence daily as they get to know this new little person in their life.  How to dress, feed, burp, hold, soothe.  The littlest things are cause for celebration such as the  first nonscreaming bath,( he actually cried when his bath was over which leads this grandma to think he is going to like bath time much like his daddy did.) and the first good night sleep!

As I get ready to leave and head back home to Grandpa and of course the pets, which I have been told are missing me greatly, I leave with the knowledge that this new little family is going to be just fine and the newest member of the family is a blessed little boy to have been given the parents that he has.