Update on the July 4th Outreach

This past week as you know our church participated in an outreach during Leland’s 4th of July celebration. We didn’t know what to expect, but things went well. We had a lot of people stop by for a cold bottle of water and a tract.   While there were many people we didn’t know we did see several people that we hadn’t seen in awhile so it was like a mini reunion.  

Everyone there played a vital role, whether is was on the front lines handing out water and tracts, or further back in the tent filling the coolers, playing the electric keyboard that provided background music, setting up chairs so that people could have a place to rest for a bit or preparing a meal for all of the workers everyone worked together.

Today we had our worship service at the park, which was the 2nd part of our outreach event. The music, message and fellowship were great. Looking back over the whole event it’s evident that it was God’s outreach we were just his hands and feet.



2 comments on “Update on the July 4th Outreach

  1. Sounds like a great event. What a wonderful opportunity and thanks for posting all the pictures!

  2. Carolyn Steele says:

    Thank you — what nice comments about the outreach.  It’s over –  hard to believe.  The weekend was special for you with your family too.  Words cannot express the appreciation for the help and work — things seen and not seen.   Carolyn 


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